Company «Lift Grand» manufactures and sells elevator equipment, as well as components and spare parts for elevators in Saratov.

For example our elevators it can be seen that domestic developments are in no way inferior to foreign ones, as well as the quality of execution. And this means that customers will be able to get reliable and durable equipment at the most reasonable prices, without additional margins.

ООО «Lift Grand» offers:

  • a wide range of elevators for residential buildings and medical institutions;
  • accessories and spare parts for timely maintenance of elevators.

Works on the production of elevators are carried out using the most modern equipment. The latest technology helps to achieve impressive results.

Prices for the model range are variable and depend on the purpose and modification.

Enterprise products is divided into two large groups. These are passenger elevators and hospital ones. In turn, each group is divided into subgroups, depending on the size, load capacity and configuration. But all of them are united by modern design and materials of execution. Gone are the tiny cabins with dark finishes and dim lighting – all of our elevators are spacious and bright.

Passenger elevators are presented in series:

  1. Basic;
  2. Comfy;
  3. Perfect.

Серия Basic – main. This is a cost-effective solution for installation in an apartment building. Its walls are made of painted metal (shade RAL 7032). The ceiling is finished with brushed stainless steel, the floor is with corrugated aluminum or a special wear-resistant coating. The cab is equipped with a half-height mirror and a stainless steel handrail. In addition to a decent appearance, this finish also provides easy care for the cab. Basic elevators are energy efficient. This is facilitated by the installed LED lamps. In addition, this type of lighting is more durable than conventional lamps. The elevator is controlled by a stainless steel panel and an informative 4.8-inch LCD monitor. A light board is also installed on the main landing floor.

Серия Comfy – middle level models. There is more stainless steel in the cab trim. LED lights, a handrail, a half-height mirror are also included, plus a fan. The control panel is already equipped with an 8-inch monitor, and a photo barrier is installed in the elevator, which completely captures the height of the doorway. This series has a higher level of security.

Серия Perfect. It can be attributed to the premium class. The cabin is finished with stainless steel of various types of processing (textured, polished, polished, etc.). porcelain tile or synthetic quartz is laid on the floor. On request you can install a mirror both at half height and at the full height of the rear wall. The package includes a fan and a photocell. Decorative stainless steel control panel with 8" monitor. In addition, a light board is installed on each landing floor.

As for hospital elevators, they come in two series: Basic and Comfy. By analogy with passenger, their difference becomes clear. It is mainly trim and type of control. And, of course, they differ from passenger ones in size and carrying capacity.

When choosing an elevator, contact the professionals ООО «Lift Grand». Our goal is the production and implementation of modern equipment that will meet all the requirements of passenger comfort and safety.