Equipment order


Currently, a huge number of residential, commercial and industrial facilities are being built, which need to be equipped with modern elevator equipment. The complexity of the equipment makes it impossible to independently select and properly install, so the best option is ordering elevator equipment in a specialized company.

This approach is considered the most mutually beneficial, since it is possible to order a device that is most suitable for the needs of the customer. In addition, the definition of specific criteria when ordering elevator equipment has other advantages, namely, it gives a more accurate idea of the service life of the product and allows you to adapt individual components of the equipment to a certain operating mode.

Since the production of such equipment requires the use of modern equipment and advanced technologies, as well as many years of experience in this field, the choice of a manufacturer and supplier of elevator equipment should be approached as seriously as possible.

Company «Lift Grand» exists since 2012. During our existence, we have managed not only to take a leading position in the elevator market, but also to become a supplier of elevator equipment and components for leading elevator manufacturers.

Our company has a wealth of experience and a solid reputation. In addition to the production of elevators, spare parts and various components, we provide a range of services, including installation, repair and modernization of elevator equipment.

Advantages of cooperation with Lift Grand:

  • A wide range of manufactured products and services provided.
  • Quality assurance. Production is carried out on modern equipment using high-quality raw materials and advanced technologies.
  • Flexible pricing policy. Our own material and technical base and the absence of intermediaries allow us to offer products at an affordable cost.

You can order the necessary equipment from our managers in any way convenient for you. Our specialists are always ready to provide detailed advice, answer complex technical questions and help with the choice of products suitable for the needs of the client.