Such a device as an elevator is an integral part of residential, commercial and industrial facilities. Elevators perform an important function of moving people and goods between floors, so timely service is necessary for the normal and safe operation of the device.

Maintenance of elevators is a set of measures aimed at ensuring the uninterrupted and trouble-free operation of elevator equipment and includes inspection, diagnostics and repair of the constituent elements of the device.

Since elevator equipment is a complex technical equipment, the maintenance of elevators must be trusted to specialists with the necessary permits and experience in the field of maintenance and repair of elevators.

Company «Lift Grand» renders services in complex maintenance of elevators. The staff of highly qualified specialists and the availability of our own material and technical base allows us to ensure the efficiency of elevator equipment and timely maintenance of all elements of the system.

Servicing of elevator equipment includes:

  • Inspection and diagnostics of all elements of the system.
  • Planned and preventive work.
  • Performing current and major repairs.
  • Implementation of emergency services..
  • Modernization of elevator equipment.
  • Information support of the customer on the safe operation of the elevator.

The services provided for the maintenance of elevator equipment comply with all safety standards and the requirements of the state standard.

Our advantages:

  • Professionalism.
  • The use of high-quality spare parts and system elements.
  • Cooperation on a contractual basis.
  • Individual approach to each client.
  • Flexible pricing policy and so on.

The cost of service maintenance of elevators depends on many factors and is formed on the basis of a specific case. In particular, the final price of maintenance is affected by the complexity of the work, the number of storeys of the object, the number of devices and the total area of the serviced object.

Only contacting a specialized organization guarantees competent maintenance of the system, which means trouble-free and trouble-free operation of the elevator and the successful passage of control checks.

More detailed information can be obtained from our specialists at the indicated on the site contacts or in any way convenient for you.